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JSG 6289 sets of single crystal furnace successfully delivered
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On December 31, as the old year was drawing to a close and the New Year was coming, JSG industrial park ushered in a historic moment -- the 6289th single crystal furnace successfully rolled off the assembly shop, which was a new milestone in the company's development history.


The company's r & d team has the courage to innovate and upgrade, overcome key technical difficulties, build core competitiveness, and lead the development of the industry. Fully automatic monocrystalline silicon growth furnace has successively won the national science and technology major project 02, zhejiang province science and technology first prize, the ministry of industry and information technology "the third batch of manufacturing individual champion products" and other major awards. Relevant technologies have been granted 39 valid national patents, including 12 invention patents. The successful roll-off of the 6289 TDR series single crystal furnaces marks the company's continued leadership in high-end equipment manufacturing.


This time, the 6289 sets of single crystal furnace successfully came off the production line, which coincided with the new plant being put into use in JSG industrial park. The new base starts to welcome the New Year, the company will adhere to the core values of "striving for this, achieving partners", and constantly improve the research and development ability, help high-end market customers. Forge ahead to achieve great achievements, and start again after a dream.

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