Photovoltaic Areas

Program highlights

1、Auto Mono-crystalline Si Growth Furnace:
Break through monopoly of foreign technology, and substitute for importing;Compared with the similar products in domestic: the 3th generation Mono-crystalline Si Growth Furnace, with Water-cooling Jacket, Continues feeding and other innovative technologies, achieves high degree of automation, high yield, high efficiency, energy saving, high photoelectric conversion efficiency;The remote monitoring system makes the workshop management realize less humanization, intelligent management.
2、Poly-crystal growth Furnace
Domestic Initial Technology: Double Power patent, High-efficiency Air-cooling Patent, Auto Semi-molten testing, High-efficiency 6-side heating & Water-cooling technology.The equipment has been applied in u CSG, Huajing company, the high-efficient silicon has been widely used.
3、Poly-crystalline Si Diamond Wire Cutting  Machine applies diamond wire to cut the ingot, can cut 40 blocks once with 55min;
By using the Manipulator, it realizes auto feeding, greatly reduce the labor cost and increase the production efficiency.
4、Poly-crystalline Si Grinding Machine. it orients once without repeating orientation to reduce the precision; With high degree of automation, no process logistics, it savs manpower and logistics costs.
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